From Bull Plain to the Battlefields

The war had a lasting effect on the inhabitants of East Hertfordshire, devastating some communities and bringing many together. Some discovered new things about themselves and their neighbours, from bravery, hard work and community spirit to less appealing characteristics.

Some saw it as an adventure; for some women in particular it was an opportunity to be useful and meaningfully contribute. For others it was a time of trauma and loss from which they never recovered.


The Hertfordshire Regiment were amongst the first on the Western Front, a territorial force, these were not professional soldiers, but ordinary men and boys from our towns and villages, who, after 3 months training, found themselves no longer labourers, clerks or delivery boys but soldiers in one of the bloodiest conflicts in history.

The Hertford Museum project – From Bull Plain to the Battlefields - funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, shares some of the stories of the people of our district and our Regiment during those turbulent years.