Hertfordshire Regiment Collar badges

These badges were worn by 2nd Lieutenant Eleazer Freedman throughout his time in captivity as a prisoner of war.

Eleazer Freedman joined the 1st Battalion Hertfordshire Regiment in December 1917 as a temporary Second Lieutenant. He was one of several men taken prisoner during the German Spring Offensive in March 1918 and he was taken first to Karlsruhe which was an interrogation centre known as “The Listening Hotel” but he was then moved to the Holzminden Offizierlager near Hannover. Freedman was repatriated in December 1918.

In 1920 Freedman joined The Auxiliary Division of the Royal Irish Constabulary or ADRIC a unit set up to counter the IRA. Enlisted men who had been commissioned as officers during the War often found it difficult to adjust to their loss of status and pay in civilian life, and historians have concluded that the Auxiliary Division recruited large numbers of these "temporary gentlemen". ADRIC became infamous for their violence against civilians and civilian property but Freedman deserted within days and returned to England.