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Battalion Flags

Battalion HQ

This flag was created in the regimental colours. It was donated to the museum in 1981 by Captain Charles John Nigel Longmore. Captain Longmore was the son of Lieutenant Colonel John Alexander Longmore, who commanded the 1st Battalion from 1936-1941. He was also the grandson of Colonel Sir Charles Longmore, the Regiment’s first Honorary Colonel.

The Hertfordshire Regiment

This flag was flown by the 1st Battalion The Hertfordshire Regiment whilst on service in Gibraltar, Italy, Palestine and Lebanon, 1943-1946. Originally presented to the Hertfordshire Regiment Association in 1996 by Orderly Room Sergeant F.J. Holland in 1996, it hung at the Association HQ at the barracks in St Andrew Street. When the association was disbanded, the Hertfordshire Regiment Masonic Lodge, removed the flag for safekeeping. They donated the flag to Hertford Museum in 2023. 

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