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No. 9 Beach Group Life Belt

In 1943, the 2nd battalion The Hertfordshire Regiment became the framework on which was built a combined force of all arms, designated No. 9 Beach Group. The intention was that this force should land with assault troops on the French coastline, establish and maintain store centres and assist the landing of all troops, vehicles and stores over the beaches.

In June 1944, No. 9 Beach Group, as part of 104 Beach Sub-Area, were ordered to support the 69th Brigade who were scheduled to land on King Green, King Red and Love Green beaches, in the area of La Riviere and Ver-Sur-Mer on the Normandy coast. Prior to D-Day, the Beach Group had been taking part in rehearsals for Operation Overlord, the code name for the Normandy Landings. They were immediately engaged in fighting, clearing snipers and strong points left behind by the 69th Brigade as they headed inland.

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